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 Majestik Magnificent - WE MUST FIGHT!

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BeitragThema: Majestik Magnificent - WE MUST FIGHT!   Do 9 Mai - 1:15 6602

message from Majestik Magnificent:


Hello fans,

This is Majestik Magnificent.
I am very, very, very upset.

I want to congratulate you the fans for going against Wade Robson.
This is just a ploy to extort money.

I am very, very disappointed in Wade’s actions.
Michael treated Wade like a family member.

Michael would never believe that Wade would do this to him.
Now in saying that, I am calling upon all the fans to be ready to fight.

Stand up and create awareness.
Be Michael’s voice! Shut down the courthouse phone lines!

Shut down all the media phone lines! Create awareness so everyone in the world will know that Wade Robson is a lying asshole!
This is unacceptable and you the fans as always must be Michael’s voice!

So if this goes to court you must stand like you have never stood before!
We can’t stop him from filing or having his day in court for that is the law under the constitution, but you can make his life and all his false lawsuits a living nightmare for him!

Continue to fight against Wade at any cost.
He is a user!

He is lower than an earth worm!
He should not get a pass.

Not on this one.
Everything in life he has going in the order of success was because of Michael Jackson!

But he made a mistake.
He doesn’t understand the power and the love of the Michael Jackson fans!

For when you all come together you are no joke!
Now he will get it and he will understand!

Do not give him a pass!
Keep doing what you all do best- fighting for Michael’s legacy, keeping his spirit alive!

Every time something comes out like this, you must not let it beat you, you must get stronger and stronger and stand together in unity!
Let the world know you cannot do this to Michael and not hear from his fans!

Michael would love that.
He told me he had the most loyal fans in the world and that is true.

This letter I am personally giving to every family member.
In saying that,  I close by saying to each and every one of you,  continue to carry the spirit of Michael Joseph Jackson  in your heart.

I thank you.

Majestik Magnificent


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Majestik Magnificent - WE MUST FIGHT!

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