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 Open Letter to CNN: Diane Dimond

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BeitragThema: Open Letter to CNN: Diane Dimond    Di 2 Apr - 16:14 6376

Dear CNN,

Michael Jackson's fans are more than displeased with your choice of the "expert" commentator for the Jacksons v. AEG Live trial, Ms. Diane Dimond.  
As you are aware, the duty of a journalist is to seek the truth by providing a fair and comprehensive account of an event or issue.  Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist's credibility.

Ms. Diamond's lack of professional integrity is precisely what has marred her credibility.  
Michael Jackson himself filed a lawsuit for $100 million against Diane Dimond, for releasing a story that the Los Angeles District Attorney was reopening the 1993 child molestation case after a sex tape was found involving Jackson and his accuser.  
The DA immediately denied the story.  
The story was completely false.

This is only one example of the clear bias Ms. Dimond holds against Michael Jackson.  
As you are well aware, journalists are not required to report their own opinion, but rather to report the truth to the public.  
Over a span of 20 years, Ms. Dimond has ridden on the coattails of Mr. Jackson, in the name of "fair and truthful" journalism.  
Nothing could be further from the truth.  
Even in 2012, three years after Jackson's death, when Jerry Sandusky was convicted of multiple child molestation counts, Ms. Dimond again refers to Michael Jackson as a pedophile, although he was acquitted of all charges.

We, the below signed Michael Jackson fans, respectfully request that a fair, unbiased and credible journalist cover the Jacksons v. AEG Live trial.  
If you continue to use Diane Dimond as an "expert" on Michael Jackson, we plan on boycotting CNN, resulting in the loss of millions in viewership and subsequent advertising dollars.


to sign it click here:


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Open Letter to CNN: Diane Dimond

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