This forum is currently not operated.
The admin of this site is currently not able to exercise his / her health (breast cancer).
The moderator currently has too much to do in private life and professionally.
We ask for your understanding,
which is not, as every year else, the layout adapted to the given events,
the various guest accesses are not free and also no new contributions are currently posted.

. We mourn the victims of .
. Flight #4u9525 . Paris 13 November 2015 . Brussels 22 March 2016 .
. Orlando 12 June 2016 . Nice 14 July 2016 . Munich 22 July 2016 . Berlin 19 December 2016 .

7.794 Fans across social media - 206.546 access goggle+ page - SPECIAL THANKS to most FANS we have from MEXICO !!!

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